DiLi Group

Empower Food Distribution for Quality Life

We empower the food distribution system through technology in order to shorten the distribution process, improve the distribution environment, ensure food safety and quality, and increase distribution efficiency.

Dili Group

An Advanced Fresh Food Distribution Service Provider and Supplier

Dili Group endeavors to be the most trusted food distribution service provider and supplier. Leverage on our existing agriculturalproduces and side products logistic parks and our customer resources, and will further empower it with technologies and services, we will build an integrated fresh food distribution service system. Our goal is to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of fresh food distribution and supply in China.

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Heilongjiang Province
Harbin Hada Agricultural Produce Market
Harbin Youyi Agricultural Produce Market
Qiqihar Hada Agricultural Produce Market
Mudan International Agricultural Produce Logistic Park
Liaoning Province
Shenyang Shouguang Dili Agricultural Produce and Side Products Market
Shandong Province
China Shouguang Agricultural Produce Logistic Park
Zhejiang Province
Hangzhou Fruit-products Market
Hangzhou Vegetable Market
Hangzhou Seafood Market
Guizhou Province
Guiyang Agricultural Produce Logistics Park

Agricultural Produce Logistic Park

We own Asia’s largest agricultural produce and side products logistic parks, and the most recognized agricultural produce logistic park clusters in terms of operating efficiency. We operate 10 large-scale agricultural produce wholesale markets in 7 cities in China.

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Dili Supply Chain

Leverage on our superior resources we established a fresh food all-in-one distribution platform: “Production (collective purchase) — Distribution (distribution warehousing and logistic allocation) — Consumption (retail sales)”. 

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Digital Platform Services

Established a multi-platform system consisting of an order matching trading platform, matching services for goods with available trucks, a commercial services platform, a food information inquiry platform and a food quality tracing platform.

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